The NPSSTS provides transportation on a Monday through Friday basis only; schedules or temporary transportation needs are not accommodated.

All students may be transported from one address to school and from school to one address, Monday through Friday. These can be two different addresses, provided the addresses are within the school boundary or school program area (as defined by the applicable school board) and outside of the walking distance to the school for the student's grade level.

There is a separate process for students in joint or shared custody situations. The full week rule still applies, as well as other conditions click here for more details on Joint Custody accommodations.

Walking distances:

Walking distances apply to students of all four member school boards. These distances are measured from where driveways meet the road, following the shortest safe route along public roads and established, maintained walkways. Students whose home or childcare address (as applicable) is within walking distance to school will not be assigned to transportation.

Grade Walking Distance
to School
Walking Distance to Bus Stop
(where possible)
JK/SK 0.0 km 0.0 km
Grade 1 1.0 km .50 km
Grade 2 and 3 1.0 km .50 km
Grade 4 to 6 1.6 km .50 km
Grade 7 and 8 1.6 km 1.0 km
Secondary School 3.0 km 1.0 km


Our Eligibility website (BusPlanner Web) outlines the path used for measurement (i.e. the shortest path), but you may prefer another route. Going over your chosen walking route several times during the summer will add to student comfort and safety when school starts in the fall. There are also pedestrian safety resources in our Safety section (see "Safety Documents" and "Safety Links" in the menu) which may be helpful.

If you're a family with a walking student, consider making the walk a family affair. Be safe, have fun, and enjoy the fresh air!